I was tagged by the amazing Sara @ The Bibliophagist!!

The Rules:

The Questions

1. What is your favorite genre?

That’s a hard one. But, currently, probably contemporary thrillers or detective mysteries. But, it can very by month or minute.

2. Who is your favorite author from that genre?

Definitely Tana French!! Wow, if you haven’t read a detective mystery by her, you are missing out! The way she intertwines contemporary nuances with the classic mystery is absolutely brilliant. I honestly can’t get enough of her novels.

3. What is it about the genre that keeps pulling you back?

The thrill of trying to figure out what’s going on! Solving the crime, watching everything unfold and being like AHAA! I KNEW IT or being completely blindsided (usually blindsided haha).

4. What is the book that started your love for that genre?

While I’m still kind of new to it, probably Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. While the book definitely has its flaws (mostly towards the end), this book was the first “adult” thriller I read (senior year of high school), and it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

5. If you had to recommend at least one book from your favorite genre to a non-reader/someone looking to start reading that genre, what book would you choose and why?

Oye, this is a little difficult. I would say something like Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. While this is not even close to being in my favorites, I feel like a non-reader would connect with this pretty well, as it has a lot of twists that someone who is unfamiliar with reading a lot might not see coming to keep them interested.

6. Why do you read?

Well, that’s like asking why I breathe.


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Five Word Story

While I’m sure a tag like this has been done before, I felt this post needed a little bit more, so I made up this little ditty.


  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Close your eyes, open to random pages, and point your finger on a random word in the last book you have read. Articles do not count.
  • Repeat the above rule 5 times.
  • List the 5 random words you have.
  • Create a 5 sentence flash fiction using your 5 random words. Each sentence must contain at least one word from your list. You can change the tense of the word as needed.
  • Tag 3 people.

My Last Completed Book: The Trespasser by Tana French

5 Random Words:

  1. Disgraceful
  2. Giggles
  3. Making
  4. Stick
  5. Caffeine


The caffeine hit me the second I drank the shot of espresso. I could feel the rush of coffee make my pupils dilate with excitement, tingle my tastebuds – the rush! Everything around me was suddenly in immediate focus – the giggles from the group of girls in the table beside me, the man talking on the phone with his wife, saying he’s almost home even though he was sitting right beside me with a bagel in his hand, the woman ordering a triple, decaf latte, no foam at the counter and sliding the hot barista a $20 bill, telling him to keep the change. It was almost disgraceful at how intimate this all was, what a single boost of energy could do in such a tight space. I could feel the memories of all of this try and stick in my mind, but I knew I would forget it all in a few minutes once the rush subsided.


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12 thoughts on “THIS IS MY GENRE TAG + 5 WORD STORY CHALLENGE (Book Tags)

    1. I read FAITHFUL PLACE, then THE SECRET PLACE and then THE TRESPASSER. While these are all monstrously out of order, those three all revolve around the same pool of characters, and it’s really cool to see how they all line up. You definitely don’t have to read them in order.

      And, awesome! I can’t wait to see it!

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