Let’s Talk (Spoilers!) | Why I WON’T Be Continuing the Saga Series

I was introduced to the Saga series by my girlfriend at the beginning of last semester, and, like many, I got hooked. Having just finished the most recent one (Volume 9, as of July 2019), I was very hurt. And not just “I’m not interested, and it’s sad hurt” but an actual “I threw the book across the room” hurt.

Needless to say, this review is going to contain major, MAJOR spoilers for the series. So, if you haven’t read them yet and are going to, or haven’t reached Volume 9 yet, please stop here.

Reason #1: I see no definite ending in sight.

Okay, this one is a little vague, but I wanted to keep this one as vague as possible for the viewers who may have seen a peek of the first reason before they closed and don’t want to be spoiled.

But, the simple fact is, we’re already on Volume 9 of a series that started in 2012, and I just don’t really see a definite ending in sight.

While I obviously haven’t been following the series since 2012, I just don’t really see there being an end to this any time soon. And while I love (maybe “loved” is the right word?) series, I just don’t want to pour my time into something that might never end.

Reason #2: There’s just too much time between volumes.

While I really do understand that this type of medium takes a lot of time and effort, it just seems like quite awhile before the reader gets any resolution to even minor plots. This is where I feel Saga is hindered. Each volume is really only around 150 pages, and there’s just really not a lot you can do in that amount space while also maintaining even pacing.

And while this may relate more to reason one, I just feel like every time I read an issue, I’m inching and inching rather than making strides in the story. I feel it is a lot to ask, financially at least, to have people buy a 150 page graphic novel for $14.99 that only gets the reader an inch or two closer to a possible resolution.

And then you might say, “Well, Daniel, what about a library.” And to that I say touché. But while I understand that it is all part of the art form, I’m just realizing that this may not be right for me.

Reason #3: All of my favorite characters are now dead.

Okay. So this is the big one and the final reason while I will not be continuing the series.

This is the reason that I threw the book across the room.

Prepare for major spoilers here.

Like . . . major.

When I say major, I mean MAJOR, major.

This scene right here:

First off, I want to applaud both the artist and illustrator for conveying such emotion from me at a character-death scene. But not only did they kill off my favorite character of the entire series with one of my least favorite characters in the final pages of volume nine, but they also managed to kill off Prince Robot IV, another favorite character.

While, of course it is all possible that some miracle could happen, I really, highly doubt anyone is coming back.

And the characters that we have left, in my opinion (which you could probably trade for no more than a couple rocks and some dirt), are the weakest (character-building wise) and least interesting.

I feel Hazel, the main character, is purely defined by her future voice, which usually opens and closes the volumes, but I feel her present, younger self is really not that interesting.

Alana is fine, but she’s just not likable to me. And let’s not even get started on The Will and possible other characters. I feel all the characters they are trying to make me gain sympathy on are just not to my tastes.

And after they killed off what I considered their most developed and interesting characters, there’s really just nothing left for me.

While these reasons may sound harsh, they are, as most things on here are, my opinion.

I have a high respect for this series. Any series that manages to get me to be as mad as I was that a character died as Saga did deserves some recognition.

I have no hate towards the series, but these are the reasons why I won’t be continuing with Saga any longer.

Tell me what you think of the series! Let’s chat in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk (Spoilers!) | Why I WON’T Be Continuing the Saga Series

  1. I LOVE this series. It is my favorite comic book! However, I agree that it takes so much time for minor things to happen and that we have no definite ending. The author actually said that it will be his longest work! I may give myself a break and read it when it finishes one day or I may be inpatient and read it as soon as it releases! You never know 😀

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