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I was tagged by Sara @ The Bibliophagist, so thank you!


  • Thank the creators of the tag – Ash and Lo @Windowsill Books
  • Thank whoever tagged you.
  • List 5 book characters who you relate to most and explain why.
  • Tag some of your friends!

Character #1: Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

Every time I think of Holden I feel the pain of feeling like everyone around you is a phony, because that’s exactly how I felt in the last 2 years of high school. His witty sarcasm and look on life are a little extreme, but I feel are entirely relatable. I think there is a little something for everyone in Holden.

Character #2: Howie Gersten from the I Hunt Killers Series by Barry Lyga

When I think of charters I really connected with, I look back on this series. Howie is a hemophiliac and faithful friend of Japer Dent, the main character. While I am not a hemophiliac, the way Howie is such close buds with Jasper reminds me of how I am with my friends. Once you’re my friend (and continue to be my friend), I try to everything I possibly can to do you right.

Character #3: Mary Katherine Blackwood from We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

While I am not a murderer, I do feel this innate connection with this character. I feel her squirly and spontaneous ideas and imagination match me in some way, and I can connect with that.

Character #4: Kvothe from The Kingskiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfus

I can’t pin-point exactly what is that I relate to this charter. Maybe the idea that he is constantly trying to achieve his dream, is loyal to the that people who treat him right, and has a passion he is constantly working to get better at. Yeah. (And if you haven’t read these books yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING STILL READING THIS POST).

Character #5: Detective Stephen Moran from The Secret Place by Tana French

If I had to pick a character I felt I related to the most at this point in my life, it would probably be Stephen. Throughout the three novels you get to know him, his willingness to do what it takes to achieve his dream, yet his idea of life and the importance of friendships and relationships closely reflect mine.


Erin @ Undercover Binge Reader

Ivy @ Ivy’s Well Used Library Card

Rebecca @ Bookishly Rebecca

Well, this one, I will admit, was difficult to pinpoint. But, it was so much fun! And, if you haven’t read any of the books above, I would highly recommend any of them!




  1. I love that you’ve chosen Holden Caulfield, I really like him and it takes a lot of guts to say you relate to him.
    Mary Katherine is spoken about a lot in Holding Up the Universe (Jennifer Niven), it’s the main characters favourite book and character. 🙂

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