Let’s Talk | That Time a NYT Bestselling Author Came @ Me: Mackenzi Lee Edition

I think one of the most important things that I’ve learned while being in college is to speak up for what you believe in, otherwise how will anything be changed — how will you make a difference? I mean, that’s one of the core parts of humanity, being able to speak up for what you believe in, right?.

One thing I believe in, or, should I say, have been against for a very long time now is publishers releasing these very tiny works of, like, 50 pages and then charging fans upwards of $10 for this practical chapbook of something.

Note, that I am not one to usually voice my opinion on social media about things, but when I saw this post by NYT Bestselling author Mackenzi Lee, I felt the urge to say something:

I think the main thing that made me upset about this was the fact that this was a pre-sale incentive for people who decided to buy the novel early and now they’re gong to be selling it? To me, that just made me a little upset.

Now, if you scroll through my twitter, I hardly, ever post anything on there anymore (besides the automatic posts from my blog), but I decided to reply to this. For everyone who knows me off the blog, they know I hate getting into confrontations, I hate hurting people’s feelings and I hate to see others hurt. So, when replying to the tweet, I knew I had to do it in a way where it didn’t seem I was coming off harshly, or in a rude way. But, I just felt the urge to say something about this:

Someone replied, and I replied back:

And I thought that was that. I thought I had made my point, respectively.

Well, two days later, I get out of my Shakespeare class and am having lunch with my friends when I see this:

Okay, first off, WOAH . . .

Not only do I feel this response is a slight (if not huge) overreaction, my first point of criticism is that she seems to want to be addressing a wide variety of “harassers” and people who are “coming at her,” yet, I seem to be the only one tagged in this.

Later, on her Instagram story, she posts things like:

These really made me upset. While she didn’t directly call me out in this one, we definitely know what spurred it.

I had this nice reply to my tweet later on:

Considering I literally said in my tweet (let me quote here), “I know you probably had nothing to do with this decision . . .” (where she later said she kind of did), does make me slightly . . . very angry.

In my opinion (and this will be the last one I state about this, because apparently stating any kind of opinion to someone with a large following will make them retweet it and complain and have tons of people blindly come to their defense . . . or maybe that’s just one person. Idkidk), when you post something on social media, it is then out of your control. If someone doesn’t like something you say and politely tells you so, do I think someone should have the right to push back to defend themselves? Abso-freaking-lutley. But Lee’s complete disregard for the power of her platform, the way in which she addressed the issue — i.e. specifically re-tweeting my specific tweet — and the overall rudeness of this entire thing has made me lose all respect for this author.

So here I am, retaliating and expressing my anger on my own, much smaller, platform. But I love all of you guys and am thankful every single day for everyone of you.

It deeply disappoints me to see such a blatant disregard from someone I used to have respect for.

One person out of 20k+ to stop supporting someone isn’t really much of anything. But I feel this was inappropriate on her side, and I just cannot support something like this.

You’re welcome to check out this whole conversation for yourself, as I will leave a link at the end of all of this (I had to get sassy with a couple of people trying to fuel this very unnecessary fire, so please excuse that).

Here’s the link: https://twitter.com/themackenzilee/status/1115269391111921665

Also, I will admit, I made a slight mistake . . .

. . . it’s actually $14.99.



This one’s a bonus, just for fun! She didn’t tweet this directly @ me, but it’s neat, so I thought I’d share:

Now, whoever Mel is talking about I am sure is, in fact, an “entitled little asshole,” and I’m sure Mel did all of her research before deciding to bring hate speech into things. Since Mel must have forgotten to tag the person she was talking about, I decided to help her out:

Thank you, Mel . . .

I would really like to get your opinion on this! Let’s chat in the comments!

38 thoughts on “Let’s Talk | That Time a NYT Bestselling Author Came @ Me: Mackenzi Lee Edition

  1. I think it’s great that you posted your opinion and she may have went a “tad” out of line, but I think she’s just frustrated. I remember all the negativity she got originally and I felt so bad for her — it was RIDICULOUS what these people were saying to her. Sure, i was mad I couldn’t get the book — but it was out of her control, so I just took it with stride in the hopes it would one day come out.

    I think it’s fair that people who pre-ordered get a better deal and the rest of us have to pay — it was a special deal with pre-ordering. And I think she explained a while back that she always wanted to release it to everyone, but there were some politics preventing her (I’m one of the people who squealed when I saw it was going to be available … so I’m biased).

    I totally get where your argument was coming from and she shouldn’t have commented that way … but it must be hard being an author and feeling like you can never please the peeps, yea know?

    Great points and I’m glad you had the courage to state your opinion — I still have a hard time with that … I don’t like confrontation either ha-ha!

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    1. I literally tweet maybe 10 times a year? And the one time I decide to state an opinion, she decides to retweet me in a post about being “harassed.” I’m not upset about the book anymore, I’m just upset about this complete misuse of her social media for someone who was literally stating a fact. Who are the people going to go to when they try to defend their favorite author? — the one she called out for giving a polite opinion.

      Thank you for you reply and support ❤️

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  2. Megs


    That was ridiculous! can’t believe she did that! It was YOUR opinion and you totally have a right to your opinion. I don’t think you were coming at her in any way of harassment and she totally took it WAY out of proportion. I mean really?! She wouldn’t make money if she didn’t have readers, but now I’m wondering if she really should be an author because she obviously didn’t really read your opinion thoroughly enough.
    I follow an author on Twitter who had actually let her OPINION out about how authors were trashing readers opinions. If I find it I’ll post it in a comment!
    Totally backing you up on this one love! ❤

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  3. Yeah, based on the evidence I tend to agree with you — you weren’t “harassing” the author at all, but rather voicing a valid concern. Glad you spoke up, and though I can see why the author is frustrated, that’s not a license for her to misrepresent conscientious objectors. (And the way you were vilified by Mel and later blocked is not right at all.)

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  4. Nora Cooper

    The thing that bothers me the most about this is that your opinion is totally valid. Saying that something won’t be for sale and then almost immediately changing that stance is something worth being explained. She said that a reason for making it for sale publicly was because she had people harassing her that they couldn’t get it through the preorder, which, to an extent, I can understand. However 1. There was no way you could have known that and 2. If people were harassing her about it, why wasn’t THAT worthy of ranting about over twitter?? Not only that, but making 50 pages of something that was originally free being sold for 15 dollars in unbelievable and absolutely worth talking about. The amount of ranting that she took over two tweets was just completely childish in my book. All it tells me is that she knew it was wrong when she made the book publicly for sale like this, and wanted to defend herself in this way specifically so that her stans could go after you or anybody who tried to criticize herself for this. Otherwise, if she HAD just made the book for sale because she truly felt it was unfair to those who could not preorder, it would not have taken a hateful essay talking about how “this is how I make my money, youre an asshole for judging me” just to explain it.

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  6. I only learned about this from Sara’s blog post, but jeez what a mess. The author is definitely not someone I’ll support in any way. I’ve always thought that authors of all people, should be pro expressing your opinion. I thought dealing with negative reviews would make their skin thicker and their tolerance bigger. I didn’t imagine it would make them intolerant and slightly aggressive. What that author did is so out of line, and in my humble opinion direct abuse of her power. Tweeting you like that, she knew exactly what she was doing.

    Good on you for doing the right thing and for voicing your opinion, even if it was blown out of proportion. Hang in there! ❤️

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      1. Lori's Bookshelf Reads

        I heard and saw about this on Twitter. I was upset because she had no right since it was your concern, but attacking you like that was not called for.

        I’m not a fan of her anymore. I was willing to read her future books, but I don’t think I want to support someone who did this


  7. I’m glad you posted this. Good on you for speaking up and voicing your concern. What you said is legitimate. Moreover, I think you attempted to voice it respectfully. For me, as someone who communicates both orally and in writing every day, people get frustrated and don’t communicate as well when their emotions are running high. But, I think the author took this too far. It’s pretty obvious that she’s frustrated with the entire situation, especially since she brought up deleting her email address from her website because of the daily aggressive emails. However, she could have handled your individual concern better, and not come at you and blow everything out of proportion. Thank you for posting about this – I’ll think twice when I see her name now.

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  9. I think one of the issues here is the fact that the author/publisher in this instance is really doing a couple of rather shady things. One is brushing up against false advertising in that they promised something limited and exclusive to readers that ended up being not so limited and exclusive. In doing so, it appears that they are only interested in pushing the hell out of this in an effort to squeeze the maximum amount of money out of readers, no matter how sleazy that makes them seem. The the second issue, which amps the sleaze factor is the post release offering of something they said would not be released and then dropping a whopping price tag on top of that. Like I said, it comes across as sleazy.

    No one likes to be called on on what appears to be bad behavior, so the urge/need to fight against that perception is born. Then you have the loyal fans that don’t want to accept that potential bad behavior from someone they love and admire (hence the term “fan” from fanatic) and jump in to defend and turn the whole thing into an ugly three ring circus.

    I think it is pretty terrible that you’ve been dropped in the middle of this. I have seen some incredible drama going on with other authors and they have the maturity and forethought to do their best to keep the drama to a minimum and go so far as to ask their fans to be equally mature in dealing with it. It is unfortunate that this author isn’t one of them.

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    1. Can I just say I agree with your comments about releasing and selling “exclusive” material. I can’t see any other reason for doing it, than the money it brings. There’s exclusive content, collectors items and limited editions of so many things now a days. But if anyone could just get their hands on everything, it looses it’s cool factor.

      There’s many books I’d love to own, that I cannot get anymore. I would also love to own the very first edition of the Iliad, that will also never happen. Sometimes we miss out on things and so be it. But exclusive doesn’t mean “in one year anyone can buy this, so be glad you got it for free”

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    2. Very good words here.

      I think it’s rather important for someone to understand the impact of calling someone out directly like that — who else is there to run to when you’re a diehard fan(atic) after reading a post about your favorite author being harassed but the person she retweeted? The obvious neglect for her power as a very public influencer saddens me. Sure, she’s no Taylor Swift, but 20k+ followers is no joke.

      Thank you for your support xx

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  10. I think that you did the right thing by speaking up for what you believe in. You made a reasonable and valid point, which was in no way “harassing” the author. Her response was way over the top and she should not have singled you out in her tweet. I’m sorry you had to deal with this Twitter drama. ❤

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  11. I’m conflicted about this.

    I really wish she hadn’t called you out specifically, since you already stated that you didn’t necessarily have anything against her. I hate the mob mentality online and I hope that hasn’t affected you too much, or you haven’t gotten too much negativity ❤️

    As a writer, I kind of get what she’s saying about people emailing her all the time, and how it grates on your confidence. I never want people to email me hate just because I can’t offer a pre-order incentive or anything (sometimes it’s unfortunately out of the author’s control). So I can sympathize with her on that, and I think it’s right that she chose to make it available to everyone, though I’m not happy about the price. I do agree that it should be priced cheaper, but that’s also up to publishing, and, unfortunately, it’s a business that likes to make money 🙄😒 they did the same thing the with Maas novella.

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  15. Marti (Bookish Treats)

    This was upsetting for me too. It was repeated so many times that the novella wouldn’t be available, and now it’s a hardcover. And… might I say… it wasn’t even good?


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