THE DEMONOLOGIST by Gerald Brittle (Review)

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303 Pages

If you think ghosts are only responsible for hauntings, think again. This New York Times Best Seller reveals the grave religious process behind supernatural events and how it can happen to you. Used as a text in seminaries and classrooms, this is one book you can’t put down. For over five decades Ed and Loraine Warren have been considered America’s foremost experts on demonology and exorcism. With thousands of investigations to their credit, they reveal what actually breaks the peace in haunted houses. Chapters include Annabelle and The Enfield Poltergeist.

I was really looking forward to reading this one (is this the line that I start off all of my bad reviews with?). I am a huge fan of the whole “Conjuring” horror movie franchise, and I was reading an article somewhere about the movies when this book was mentioned. I almost bought it, but ended up using my resources and checking it out through my University library, and I’m glad I did.

There are multiple things that went wrong with this one.

1.) Typos

So, I beleive the first edition of this was published in 1980(ish), and was republished with the Conjuring movies, so typos that lo0k lik7e thi8, are unacceptable.

2.) Punctuation

They use an exclamation point after every “spooky” thing, making it almost laughable. I’ll write a faux example: When she turned around, the chair was levitating!

When I read that, I picture someone wiggling their fingers going “Ooooo spoooooky ooooo”, and it just makes it, like I said before, laughable.

3.) Repetitive

This “nonfiction” book was SO REPETITIVE. The same thing could have been accomplished in a 50 page article.

4.) Unbelievable?

spookSo I feel the point of a book like this is to try and convince its audience that what they’re reading actually happened. But, it’s a little difficult when the only source are the Warrens and a couple of grainy photos of spilled over glasses. With the things that they claimed happened, there should have been more than hear-say. From an academic standpoint, for all I know, the author could have never even met Ed and Lorraine Warren.

In the end, it wasn’t awful, but I feel this book does an absolutely terrible job at trying to convince its audience that any of these occurrences actually happened, and I am terribly disappointed.


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What do you think about the Warrens? Are you ready for the spooky season? Talk to me in the comments!

12 thoughts on “THE DEMONOLOGIST by Gerald Brittle (Review)

  1. superkitty21books

    Well this book sounds interesting…. I can’t imagine why any author would use exclamation marks outside of dialgoue. Whenever I see them I mentally scream whatever is being said.

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