DOWN TIME by Barry Lyga (Mini Review)

DTAmazon | Goodreads

40 Pages

Billy Dent is the world’s most notorious serial killer, but even killers need to go on vacation sometimes. When a mysterious death occurs in the hotel where Billy is staying, his “job” seems to call. Will his vacation truly be down time for him after all?

In this prequel novella to the I Hunt Killers trilogy, bestselling author Barry Lyga crafts a creepy, intricately plotted mystery.

This novella and review probably won’t mean much to you if you haven’t read the I Hunt Killers Trilogy. And you definitely shouldn’t read if you haven’t read the books either, because the novella contains some spoilers for the entire premise of the trilogy.

Also, this review may, subsequently, contain spoilers for the trilogy as well. You have been warned.

This is a novella, so I don’t really have to much to say about it other than that the I Hunt Killer trilogy is one of my all-time favorite trilogies. When Lyga came out with this, I decided to purchase it in support of the announcement of a new book involving Jasper Dent, the main character in the trilogy. This novella, however, follows his serial killer father, Billy, a few years before the trilogy takes place.

Overall, I feel like my money was well spent. This novella brought me back the joy of the trilogy and reminded me just how much I enjoyed it. You find out some interesting things, and while this story doesn’t really add a lot to the trilogy, it does offer some context on to who Billy actually is as a person. And, needless to say, I really liked it a lot and look forward to the new novel!

If you are a fan of the trilogy, I would definitely recommend you check this one out!

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