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I was nominated for this award by the amazing Sara @ The Bibliophagist. If you’re not following her, seriously, what are you doing reading this post?


  • Thank the blogger(s) that nominated you and link back to their post.
  • Answer the 4 “First” questions.
  • Come up with 4 new “First” questions or just use the same ones from your nomination.
  • Nominate your first follower who is still active and interacting with you.
  • Nominate up to 4 other bloggers
  • Make sure to link back to the original post by The book prescription so I can see all your answers!
  • Feel free to add the badge to your blog

The 4 “First” Questions:

1- First memory of a story.

  • The first memory of a story is probably when I was actually learning to read. My passion for reading all goes back to my amazing mother who has given up so much for me. I remember lying on the bed with her while she forced me to read through this Fireman ABC’s book. I thought it was the hardest, most miserable thing in the world, but I am forever grateful that I got through it.

2- First book you bought with your own money.

  • I honestly have no idea. Maybe Eldest by Christopher Paolini. I bought it after I read Eragon (which I loved), but sadly never finished Eldest because I was bored to death by it, haha.

3- First book that made you cry.

  • It takes a lot for me to cry (like I made it through the whole Lorde concert without crying, guys. Taylor, may get the waterworks, though). But, I remember pitching a fit after finishing Mockingjay because I hated the ending so much. #teamgale

4- First book that you didn’t finish.

  • Probably Eldest by Christopher Paolini.

My First Follower:

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 2.27.50 PM

LET ME TELL YOU I remember flipping when I saw Chaz was my first follower, because I was so stunned someone with so many followers thought I was worthy, haha. Anyway, he CONTINUES to support me by liking my posts, and I always look forward to his!


Thank you so so much to everyone who reads, likes, and/or comments my posts!



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