FRIDAY FAVORITES: Week 3 (February 2nd, 2018)

Another Friday, another list of favorites! To give you little bit of background, Friday Favorites serves as post where I give you some of my favorite things throughout my week that may or may not have to do anything with books or writing, haha.

Here’s the criteria.

This list will consist of my weekly favorite:

  • Physical Thing
  • Non-Physical Thing (This can include but is not limited to anything from Movies, Videos or Online Articles)
  • Song



Starbucks’s Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher


While Starbucks 85% of the time burns my espresso, they seem to always get this one right! least so far.

Coming in at only 60 calories for a grande, I love to sip on this while I study/do homework and/or write.



While I really haven’t gotten to play around with this site a lot, I thought it was quite interesting! It’s basically a game where you have to guess if the poem was written by a computer or an actual person. Haha, very fun, especially if you like poetry.



“If U Seek Amy” by Britney Spears

Listen to it here.


A coworker mentioned this song, and I was surprised I hadn’t heard of it/remembered it. When I looked it up, as a pop music enthusiast, I was immediately impressed just by what it was getting away with. Considering this song was released in 2009, it’s really a marvel. Not only is it catchy, but it’s also extremely clever.

While you could find a million things to criticize about this song, it’s hard not to admit its catchiness and way to manipulate standards in the industry. A song definitely worth resurfacing.



I have something neat going up on here sometime in the near future, though I’m not entirely sure when. I’m excited for the month of February!

Anyway, these were just my favorites, and if you don’t like them, then keep in mind that these are just the honest opinions of an English Major.


Daniel xx


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