FRIDAY FAVORITES: Week 2 (Jan. 26, 2018)

So comes the second week of my Friday favorites! Just to note, I will be slightly changing the criteria for the “internet thing” (stated below), and I will also have a few announcements at the end of this post!

This list will consist of my weekly favorite:

  • Physical Thing
  • Non-Physical Thing (This can include but is not limited to anything from Movies, Videos or Online Articles)
  • Song



Vital Farms Eggs

Purchase at your local Publix or Whole Foods from $6 – $8

I’m sure you’ve noticed my note for my roommates to keep their hands off of my eggs…yes I actually have to write a note for them not to use something that’s not their’s… Am I being an a**hole or just using common sense? We’ll never know.

I know what you’re thinking: SEVEN DOLLARS FOR A DOZEN EGGS HELLLLLL NO!!!!

Well, let me just say that that is exactly what I thought when I purchased these on the recommendation of a coworker describing how darkly orange the yolks were. Even with my doubts, I still decided to take the leap and just buy them because of the deep desire to see this dark orange yolk.

While in college, I have recently started the habit of trying to get up every morning and make myself something more substantial than cereal in the morning, and I have found that, because of this, the couple of hours after waking up are not only much more enjoyable, but give me some purpose in the morning other than eating cereal in my pajamas. And, while cracking these eggs (pasture raised, brown shell, and just as orange-yolky as described), I honestly felt a little better towards myself.

While I don’t think purchasing non-organic or pasture raised things makes you a bad person by any means (as many of the things I currently buy are neither of those things), deciding to purchase pasture-raised or organic foods is more of a life choice you make as a human being.

I quite like these eggs, and I think I’ll continue to purchase them as they give me the extra boost in the morning of “If you don’t do anything else right today, Daniel, at least you know your eggs are coming from a good place.”

And as stated above, I quite like that.



Lorde’s Vogue Australia Video

Watch it here.


As you may or may not know, I am huge fan and supporter of the artist Lorde. I recently stumbled upon the video she did when she was on the cover of the October 2017 issue of Vogue Australia, and it just really brightened my day.

It’s 1 minute long, and I highly suggest you give it a watch.



“Words Fail” – Dear Even Hansen

Listen to it here.


While the musical is not under-rated, I feel, as a song, “Words Fail” is. The song manages to completely sum-up the entirety of the musical soundtrack, and I think it’s one of my favorite songs from any musical.



This very well may be my only post this week, and while I would like to have posted more, unfortunately school can get in the way of that in terms of reading and writing. However, I will always try to post at least once a week, even if it’s just my Friday Favorites.

I will not put a schedule on book reviews, as it varies on how fast I can read some books, and I don’t want to put any pressure on myself, as this is supposed to be something fun for me to do, not add to my stress.

That being said, I will, more than likely, have a new book review up in the near future – more than likely next week.

Also, I have had a project in the works that I am so excited to be sharing with you! While the timeline on when that will be up is unclear, it is definitely in the near future!

Anyway, those are just a few announcements about the future of this blog.

Thank you so much for your support. I hope you enjoyed my Friday Favorites, if not, keep in mind that these are just the honest opinions of an English Major.


Daniel xx


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